About Us

Chip Crafton, President

A graduate of Murray State University, Chip received his Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Safety Health.  Starting his career with Leggett & Platt (Fortune 500 Company) as a Corporate Safety & Health Project Manager and then, after four years, he accepted the In-House Safety Director position at American Steel Foundries and was promoted to Quality Assurance Manager where he successfully obtained an ISO 9001 certification for his company.  After several years, Chip began his career in the Water, Oil & Gas Industry, with continual promotions over the next 17 years ranging from a Project Manager to a Regional Manager and then becoming Vice-President of Maintenance before he achieved his next successful venture of becoming the owner of Integrity Tank Services, LLC.  Since that time, Chip has established two start-up regions for two significantly sized tank companies.

Some people may not be aware that Crafton has always felt driven to operate his own company.  His first successful attempt was in the food seasoning business with a company called Cracker Boy Seasonings, LLC.   He had a great product, and brought on the #1 TV personality in the hunting industry at that time, Michael Waddell, as a co-owner.   "It turned out to be a great business with a great product and lots of horse power with the new TV personality."  Through this experience, Chip learned the importance of "staying focused on what your good at and not to over-extend yourself or stretch yourself too thin". Motivated by the hunting industry and the newly acquired exposure, Crafton felt moved to start an Outdoor Ministry.  His love the for Lord, kids and the outdoors fueled this endeavor.  Team M.a.F.i.a. Outdoors, LLC was up and running and soon they began airing a hunting show revolved around his faith and kids that aired from 2012-2016.  " I believe all of those very different events prepared and molded me to accept the challenge of starting Integrity Tank Services, LLC."

Throughout the years, Chip has learned the value of observing how companies operate their business, treat their employees and service their customers. "I want our company to be different, to stand out from our competition.  It's important that I'm able to do things for our clients and employees that no one else is doing in our industry. It's vital to me to promote an atmosphere where the single biggest asset we have is our employees".  Crafton goes on to say, "We spend more time at work than at home with our families. Since my  employees are my extended family, I'm honored & obligated to take good care of them."  It's always been a deep-rooted Crafton philosophy that you must surround yourself with good people....the right ones with the right attitude, work ethic and, hopefully, a sense of humor and the rest will fall into place.

In summary, Chip is known for his belief of "God, family and then work, is how we should live our lives".  He goes on to state that we should operate our business focused on "safety, quality and efficiency, and always in that order".  He believes if we live our lives and our business with this in mind, it may not prevent difficult situations from occurring but it will definitely help smooth out the bumps along the way.

Chip is a dedicated servant for his church and enjoys sharing his faith. He loves spending time with family and friends, especially outdoors. Chip is an avid hunter, archer and marksman, along with his son who is a shining star on the archery team and an accomplished student of Ju-jitsu and kick boxing.  His beautiful wife is a major source of his strength, guidance and inspiration as well as being a wonderful spouse and mother.  Chip's daughter is nothing short of a fireball of energy and an accomplished gymnast. All of them are the love of his life.  "Today, we often allow our hectic schedule to dictate our real priorities - our families.  Our time together allows us to just enjoy each other's company.  Making memories for my family, as a family, is on top of my priority list".  

Anthony Carney, Vice President

Anthony Carney began his career in the Oil & Gas Industry approximately 22 years go, starting out as a field hand and working his way up as a Safety Coordinator, Senior Safety Advisor, QA/QC Manager, Logistic Coordinator, Business Development Manger,  Project Manager, Operations Manager and Vice President of Operations. Anthony has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of inspections, coatings, linings, piping, mechanical, civil construction and maintenance, instrumentation, tank repairs (API 653) and new tank construction (API 650).

Anthony recalls his original thoughts from when he first started in the industry, ""I planned to work in the field for about a year, earn some good money, get off the road and find a job back home in Oklahoma....that was 22 years ago!"

ITS Comradery:  "This team is outstanding!" He enjoys the professional, yet relaxed work environment with those he works with.  "I am impressed with the dedication that each member of our team is committed towards, along with the pride & knowledge possessed by those individuals, resulting in performance at the highest levels"

Although this industry is often quite demanding of his time and efforts, Anthony attempts to balance his career responsibilities with his family time.  "I really enjoy what I do, with the belief in the importance of giving my entire effort and focus on each and every project; however, I don't just want my epitaph to ready that I was dedicated to my career or a great project manager.  I want it to read that I was a devoted husband, caring father, loyal son, brother, uncle and, Lord willing, an ornery grandpa".

On a personal note, Anthony has a passion for hunting.  "Everyone has to have 'that' outlet, a way to decompress.  There is nothing like being out in the woods where it is still & quite.  This time removes the 'noise' of this world".  On the other hand, there is a 'noise' that he does enjoy...the sound of riding his Harley.  However, neither one of these is cherished as much as his quiet time (and noisy times) with his wife, kids and family.  "During those times when work can become hectic or overwhelming, the memories I make with my family reminds me why I do what I do and who I'm doing this for".     

Sharon Carney, Project Development Manager

Sharon Carney came to Integrity Tank Services with over a decade of construction industry experience.  After several years in the cellular tower construction field, she made a transition into the oil & gas industry when a unique opportunity presented itself.  Having built a solid reputation based on ethics, morals and values along with the ability to create & maintain long-term contractor-client relationships is what made Sharon a valued part of the Integrity Tank Services Team.  

"Oil & Gas runs in my family.  Growing up, my dad was involved in this same industry and that's what brought our family to Oklahoma from New York....(yes, I was born a Yankee and still hold on to those roots as a die-hard NY Giants, Yankees & Rangers fan)  However, never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd end up in the same industry as my father, but what a crazy, intriging ride this has been.  The ups and downs that are consistently inconsistent are definitely not for the faint of heart but provides an opportunity to find your strengths and overcome your weaknesses"

Although the majority of her day is work-focused, her greatest joy and aspiriations come from the blessings of her faith, her deep love & committment to her husband, the incredible honor of being a mom and the amazing friends that she goes through life with.  She is driven by making others feel welcome and special, realizing each person has a purpose and a value that you cannot put a price on.  

"I couldn't be happier to be a part of a team that places faith, family and friends as a priority, and focuses on keeping personal & professional life in balance.  I look forward to seeing just how successful this company will become as we keep our priorities in check and treat our clients with the upmost respect. Integrity Tank Services...it's not just a name - "Integrity", it's truly who we are...it's what we stand for."

Staci Thomas, Office Manager