Our Beliefs

The  management and personnel of Integrity Tank Services, LLC share in a straight-forward belief system and philosophy that is directed towards our clients' expectations.  We understand that in order for us to be condiered a valued & trustworthy contractor we must have a 'better than average' understanding of the projects assigned to us.  At ITS, we want our clients to know that when a project is awarded to us, it will be completed safely, according to our client's processes and applications, with excellent quality, while being performed on time and on budget.  We have built a reputation of performing work at an elevated degree so our client's project managers may operate at an extraordinary level of effectiveness, allowing their focus and efforts to be directed towards other aspects or project phases with peace of mind, feeling confident about the execution being administered by Integrity Tank Services.

About Us


We're Known As The "Seal Team Six of the Tank Industry"

  • Our highly experienced crews are individually chosen based on their particular areas of expertise 
  • Our goal is always aimed at exceeding, not just meeting, the expectations of our clients
  • Our teams are multi-functional "special operations units", crossed-trained for efficiency and competency
  • Our management staff believes in staying on the cutting edge of procedures & processes in our industry, for the benefit of our clients


Integrity - It's Who We Are....It's How We Treat Our Clients

  • A Strong Foundation - Our Company was built upon a foundation of integrity, honesty, character, strong work ethic and dedication
  • A Selfless Mentality - Integrity Tank Services believes in the philosophy of placing the needs of others above our own.  This mentality was instilled by the President of our company and accepted by each member of our team
  • An Exceptional Work Ethic  - Our goal is not just to complete a project, but rather complete each project with integrity, which includes a strong focus on safety, quality , comradery and time management.  
  • An Attitude of Respect - Mutual respect and consideration will always be extended to our clients, inspectors, on-site personnel and co-workers


A List of Services That Potentially Meets All Our Client's Needs

  • New Tank Construction, Repair, Maintenance & Inspection Projects
  • Piping Construction, Modification & Repair Projects
  • New Tank Construction, Repair, Maintenance & Inspection Projects
  • Tank Bottom Replacements
  • Tank "In-Service" Projects
  • Floating Roofs and Seals
  • Shell Inserts
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Liners
  • Annular Rings
  • Hydrotest Exemptions
  • Sand Blasting, Coatings, Painting
  • Tank Cleaning & Spill Containment
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Complete Site & Terminal Maintenance Services
  • Civil Construction & Modification Projects  - Foundations, Clearing, Compaction, Excavation, Pipe Supports & Pier Installations